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Feed in Tariffs (FITs)

In April 2010 the government introduced the Feed in tariff initiative, to encourage the take up of renewable electricity generation. Feed in Tariffs (FITs) are payments made by the energy companies to anyone who installs a PV system to generate their own electricity.

Anyone who installs a PV system is guaranteed a fixed payment for all the electricity they generate, including what they use and what they do not use, for a guaranteed period of 20 years. Backed by the government, these tariffs are aimed at increasing the amount of renewable energy produced and used in the UK. The 2009 EU Renewable Energy Directive set the target to increase the total percentage of energy that comes from renewable sources from 2% (in 2009) to at least 15% by 2020.

FITs are a substantial financial incentive for those choosing to generate their own electricity. Reducing dependence on the National Grid will reduce monthly utility costs, as well as the key benefits listed below.

How the scheme works:

If you are eligible to receive the FIT then you will benefit in these ways:

1. Generation Tariff – a set rate paid by the energy supplier for each unit (or kWh) of electricity you generate. This rate will change each year for new entrants to the scheme, but once you have joined you will continue on the same tariff for 20 years for solar electricity. As of the 1st April 2015 the tariff for this is 13.39p/kWh for anything under 4kW, up until the 1st July 2015. The tariff varies depending on the size of the installation, see below for full details.

2. Export Tariff – you will receive a further 4.85p/kWh from your energy supplier for each unit you export back to the electricity grid. This figure is 50% of your generation amount. You get an export tariff for 50% even if you use it yourself as they assume you will use 50%.

3. Energy Bill Savings – you make savings on your electricity bills by using the electricity you generate, therefor not buying as much from your energy provider. The amount you save will vary depending how much of the electricity you use on site. You can only use the electricity whilst it is being produced i.e. during daylight hours.

  • Feed in Tariffs are TAX FREE for domestic households and index linked for domestic, commercial and industrial installations.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

From the 1st April 2012 all solar PV installations require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Grade D or above to be eligible for the higher Feed in Tariff rate. This will need to be provided along with your Feed in Tariff application on completion of the installation. Installations that do not have a valid EPC of Grade D or above will receive the lower rate of 6.16p/kWh. The cost of these vary and we can either arrange one for you or you can arrange this yourself. An EPC shows the current energy rating of your property and also includes recommendations for improving this rating. It is thought that half of properties already rate at Grade D or above, making this easy for solar owners to receive the higher feed in tariff rate.

How much will I get paid:

The rate that is received depends on the size of your installation. The table below gives the rate in pence that different sizes of PV installations will receive for each kWh generated and exported.

See our case study page for real life examples of the income and savings you could potentially receive.

 Generation Tariff level for new Installations.
Note that Tariffs will be inflated annually.
Scale of PV InstallationFeed in tariff rate
From the 1st July 2015-30th Sept 2015
Export Tariff
< 4kWp (new build) 12.92p 4.85p
< 4kWp (retrofit) 12.92p 4.85p
4-10kWp 12.13p 4.85p
10-50kWp 11.71p 4.85p
 50-100kWp 9.98p





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