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Customer: Mr & Mrs R
Type: Solar PV System - Solarone Panels
Installation Date: 21st September 2011

Solarone PV solar panel installation picture 1Mr & Mrs R had a 2.66kWp solar array fitted to their South West facing roof in September 2011 as they felt this was a good form of investment. They started receiving the Government Feed In Tariff (FIT) at a rate of 43.3p/kWh for the generation tariff and 3p/kWh for the export tariff, deem 50% of the amount of electricity generated for domestic properties. The payback calculation for this system gives an approximate generation annual income of £946.11 for the first year. The system gives a total income and savings of approximately £1,131.82. They will receive guaranteed payments from the Government FIT scheme for 25 years, plus they will be adjusted for inflation using the Retail Price Index. Over the next 25 years Mr & Mrs R can expect combined income and savings of around £34,900.

Solarone PV solar panel installation picture 2What the customer said: “We have been very pleased with the specification, installation and attitude of Arnold Electric in supplying us with more than 2.5 kW(pk) of solar PV panels. This company explained the Feed In Tariffs (FITs) and quoted prices for alternative makes of PV panel and inverter. The values it quoted for electrical performance were accurate and comprehensive. A major concern for us was the possible impact on our domestic wiring and the need to bring the older parts and earthing arrangement up to modern standards. Arnold Electric quoted reasonable prices for upgrading this existing domestic wiring and relieved us of a potential future problem as well as providing the PV panels. The work of installation was completed to an agreed schedule and such things as scaffolding erected without fuss or problems. The costs to us were at the lower end of the range of quotations we received and the service was very good. The panels and inverter have generated electricity as expected without recourse to further attention and the electricity company has agreed the contract to pay FITs without any fuss or difficulty.”

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