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Customer: Mrs S
Type: Solar PV System - BP Panels
Installation Date: 3rd August 2011

Installation of a solar panel installationWe installed a 1.9kWp solar array for this customer in August 2011 which consists of 10 panels on the South West facing roof. The customer will be receiving the government feed in tariff of 43.3p/kwh for the generation and 3p/kwh for the export tariff, deemed 50% of the amount of electricity generated. The payback calculator for this system gives an approximate generation and export annual income for the first year of £622.00 and an approximate £83 savings from energy used. This gives a estimated total income and savings for the first year of £705.00. They will receive guaranteed payments from the government FIT scheme for 25 years, these will be adjusted with inflation using the retail price index and are tax free.

Taking into consideration the rate of inflation at 2.5% and an increase in energy costs of 2.5% the customer can be expected a combined income and savings over the next 25 years to be approximately £21,934.

A close up of a solar panel

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