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Customer: Mr Dawson
Type: Review from an installation carried out in May 2013
Installation Date: 7th June 2013

Solar panels installed on 21/22 May 2013.

The system, after two weeks is performing perfectly and we can already see the benefits for having made the decision to have a system installed.

I would like to commend your company and all the personnel involved in commissioning our system for the competance and professionalism with which they discharged their responsibilities. The whole sales, quotation and installation process from our perspective was problem free and conducted in a manner which conferred great credit on your company. The provision of an assessment of the pay back period for the capital investment was also one of the keys to our decision to proceed.

At no stage did we feel pressured to make any decisions, and your staff was able to answer the queries emanating from the quotation to our total satisfaction.

From the erection of scaffolding to its being taken down, the installation process was fast and the schedule advised. As a result we were able to plan our own activities with certainty. 

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