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Customer: Mrs M
Type: Solarworld Silver Modules
Installation Date: 19th February 2012

We installed a 4kWp solar system to the home of Mrs M in February 2012. Her system consists of 16 x 250w Solarworld silver modules with a SMA sunnyboy inverter. Her roof is in a perfect South facing position with no overshading so will produce a fantastic return on investment. Mrs M will receive the feed in tariff rate of 43.3p/kWh as she had her system installed before the 3rd March deadline.

It is estimated that Mrs M will receive a generation and export income for the first year of £1,540 through the government feed in tariff scheme. This is based on her using 50% of the electricity herself around the home and exporting the other 50% into the national grid for others to use. She is likely to save approximately £258 on her energy bills because she will be buying less from her energy provider and reducing her carbon footprint at the same time. This will give a total income and savings of approximately £1,798 for the first year. This will be adjusted every year with inflation and is tax free. The payback period on the panels is 5-6 years and then she will receive the next 19 years as a healthy tax free income. Over the next 25 years Mrs M is likely to see an approximate total income and savings of £51,005. This may be even more given that our research is indicating that our customers are excelling their estimated generation figures by 10-15%, even in the first 6 months of generation. Her decision to install solar PV was spurred on by her parents installing it on their own home. Mrs M could see the many benefits they were getting and also wanted to take advantage of what solar PV had to offer.

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