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Customer: Mr M
Type: Sanyo Solar Modules
Installation Date: 15th February 2012

In February 2012 Arnold Electrical installed a 4kWp solar photovoltaic system for Mr M on his home in Nottingham. He opted for 250w Sanyo solar modules for their efficiency and reliability.

Based on the assumption that the feed in tariff will be 43.3p per kw of electricity generated, Mr M will receive an annual generation income from the government scheme of £1,431. This will be paid directly to him through one of the many energy providers, normally every quarter in the form of a cheque. He will also receive an approximate export income of £49.50, based on 50% of the electricity being used and 50% being exported back into the National Grid. Based on an imported cost of 15p per unit he will have total annual savings of £239. All of these benefits combined Mr M will receive an approximate total income and savings for year 1 of £1,719.50. The income received through the feed in tariff is tax free, index linked and guaranteed for 25 years at the rate that was in place when installed. The approximate total for the 25 years is £48,226. This takes into consideration a maintenance cost of £50 per year, an assumed annual rate of inflation at 2.5% and a 2.5% annual increase in energy costs.

These calculations are based on the Feed in tariff rate of 43.3p per unit. If the DECC wins its appeal in the supreme court for the feed in tariff to be reduced to 21p for all systems installed after the 12th Dec 2011 then Mr M will still receive a good return on his investment. Taking into consideration the factors mentioned above, the approximate total income for the 25 years would be £27,150.

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